The Crew Motorfest – Video game

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Advertising, Cars

The team at Ubisoft Ivory Tower asked us to help them celebrate the release of their video game “The Crew Motorfest”.
This video showcases the gorgeous Lamborghini Revuelto, an in-game exclusive.
Our team travelled to Modena, Italy, to film this hybrid sportscar and its 1015 hp on the local race track.
To promote this beauty, we used Sony FX3 cameras, a FPV drone, a DJI Mavic 3 drone and onboard GoPro cameras – all in 4K resolution, of course.
We made sure to highlight all the breathtaking details of the Lamborghini Revuelto in order to wow all the car enthusiasts out there.
This video was shown on the giant screens at GameScom in Germany, one of the biggest trade fairs for video games in the world.
Client: Ubisoft Ivory Tower
Directed by: Damien Martinière
Filmed by: Rémi Saïki and Octave Pierron
Edited by: Damien Martinière and Octave Pierron