La vie château – TV show

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Broadcast, Cultrual

Broadcast on the Figaro TV IDF channel, “La Vie de château” showcases 20 castles located in the Île-de-France area.
Through interviews, aerial images and illustrative shots, the programme aims to show how a castle is run in the 21st century.
Famous locations like Vaux-le-Vicomte, Fontainebleau and Breteuil reveal their secrets in a series of 26-minute episodes broadcast in prime time on Figaro TV.
This entire documentary series (conception, research, script, filming and editing) was produced by our teams and delivered in line with TV standards.
– SFR 468
– Free 904
– Orange 345
– Bouygues 305
Client: Figaro TV Île-de-France
Directed by: Charles Lavilanie and Damien Martinière
Post-produced by: Damien Martinière, Charles Lavilanie and Octave Pierron