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Wendie Renard is one of the female football players with the most career titles in the world. As Captain of the French women’s national team and the women’s Olympique Lyonnais team, Wendie Renard has made a name for herself in the field. This exclusive documentary, produced in partnership with English companies Noah Media Group and Nineteen Fifteen and directed by Julie Dadamo, is the first episode in the “ICONS” series, available on the FIFA+ platform. For this episode, the production was carried out by Pictura Films in Lyon, as were all interviews. Click here to watch this episode for free

Clients: FIFA +

Produced by: Noah Media Group, Nineteen Fifteen,

Directed by: Julie Dadamo,

Filmed by: Charles Lavilanie, Damien Martinière, Elodie Thomis,

Sound: Rémi Saïki.